1. Where are your products made?
    • All of our collars, leashes and accessories are made in Los Angeles, CA.


  1. How long will it take to receive my order?
    • Production times vary depending on the type of items ordered.
    • Each item will have its production time stated on the bottom of its product listing.
    • If you order more than one item, your order will be held until all items are finished.
    • We do offer rush service for those of you who need their orders sooner.


  1. Do you offer a repair service?
    • Unfortunately, no we don’t at Pet Pro Accessories. However, you can go to your local fabric shops for potential repairs if they offer the service.


  1. How long should I expect my collar to last?
    • A dog collar is a lot like a pair of shoes, and you should expect it to age accordingly.  You wouldn’t expect to wear a single pair of shoes every single day throughout your entire lifetime, and the same goes for your dog’s collar.
    • More active dogs and those who wear their collars 24-7 will wear out their collars sooner than less active dogs will.  Dogs who are bathed infrequently will also wear out their collars sooner (dirt and dander has a habit of working its way into the leather and degrading the fibers over time).
    • We find that most of our collars last anywhere from 3 to 5 years, depending on the lifestyle of the dog.  Of course, we have lots of customers whose collars last much longer than this, but it’s a good general guideline to go by.


  1. What is your return/exchange policy?
    • Refer to the return/exchange policy at the top of Pet Pro Accessories’s website.