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The DT Systems Border Patrol TC1 combines features of a wireless pet containment fence, GPS tracking collar, and dog training e-collar in one unit! Great for hunters who camp since it can be used as a tracking and training collar during the hunt, then a wireless containment system back at camp to keep your dogs from roaming.

The wireless pet containment feature can enforce an area between a 15 – 800 yard radius. The Safe Zone is the innermost part of the circle that is covered, where your dog can freely roam without warning or stimulation. The Warning Zone is near the outside border of the fence and will give your dog a beep, vibration, or vibration with delayed stimulation. The Stimulation Zone is immediately outside of the Warning Zone, is the border of the fence and your dog will receive stimulation in this zone. Once the dog leaves the boundary of the fence he will no longer receive warnings or stimulation. The handheld display will mark the dog’s status as “out”. The Welcome Home feature prevents the dog from being stimulated and warned during re-entry into the Safe Zone.

The dog training e-collar feature has a 2 mi. range and has 50 levels of continuous or momentary/nick stimulation. The Jump stimulation button allows you to pre-program a particular correction stimulation intensity level and “jump” right to it. The Rise stimulation button allows you to begin at the lowest level of correction and it automatically increases the intensity as you continue to hold down the button.

The GPS tracking feature also has a 2 mi. range and is capable of storing up to 4 waypoints while tracking your dogs. Set your truck as a waypoint when leaving for a hunt and you don’t have to worry about getting lost. You can see the distance and direction that your dogs are away from you during the hunt on the 2.4 in. high-resolution color LCD screen on the handheld.

Nylon collar strap fits dog’s necks 14-24 in. in diameter. Both the handheld and the collar unit are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (charger included). The collar unit is fully waterproof and the handheld is water-resistant. A multi-tasking state-of-the-art tool for owners of hounds or pointers.


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