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The Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld has every feature you hoped for and none were left out! Up to a nine-mile range with both the GPS and the remote training collar, no longer will longer distance or severe terrain interrupt your ability to correct your dog when necessary. Garmin has included the highly detailed 100K topo map in the Alpha resulting in your map screen showing every dirt road, creek, pipeline, and terrain change. Not only can you see your and your dog’s location, but you can also mark the location of your truck, and now – you can even see the location of other Alpha users in your hunting party.

Works as a replacement handheld for the Alpha100 TT15 system and Alpha 100 TT15 Mini system.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – Due to circumstances outside of our control and restrictions in place by Garmin we are unable to ship any Garmin GPS-related products outside the United States until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Compatible collars:

Garmin TT15X Collar

Garmin TT15 Collar

Garmin T5X Collar

Garmin T5 Collar

Garmin TT15 Mini Collar

Garmin T5 Mini Collar

Garmin TT10 Collar


Alpha 100 Handheld Features:

• Up to nine miles range
• Eighteen levels of constant and momentary stimulation
• Touchscreen display
• View your dogs, vehicle, and other Alpha users on the map screen
• Comes pre-loaded with Garmin 100K topo map
• GPS tracking capability up to 20 dogs
• Rechargeable battery that is easily switched out in the field
• Completely waterproof

In the box

  • Alpha 100 handheld
  • Rechargeable user-replaceable Li-ion pack
  • Belt clip
  • Extended range antenna
  • AC adapter
  • Vehicle power cable
  • USB cable
  • Split adapter cable


  • Is the Alpha 100 Handheld waterproof?

    The Alpha handheld is rated at IPX7, which means that it is rated to be waterproof in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. This provides safe protection of your Alpha handheld, allowing for use in rain, snow, and wet cover, as well as the handheld being splashed with water and the accidental dropping in shallow water.

    What year did the Garmin Alpha 100 come out?

    The Garmin Alpha 100 originally came out in July 2012. Originally the Alpha 100 was available as an Alpha 100 TT10 bundle, but was later replaced with an Alpha 100 TT15 bundle and an Alpha 100 TT15 Mini bundle was also added a few years later.

    Can the Garmin Alpha 100 track a DC50 collar?

    Yes, the Garmin Alpha 100 handheld can track a DC50 collar, but there are a few steps that you have to do and it’s not as simple as adding a T5, TT10, or TT15 collar. The first step is to update the DC50 to the newest available software update. The newest update gave the DC50 the ability to communicate in the correct MURS frequency with the Astro 430 and Alpha 100 handhelds. Next, you are going to need to use an Astro 430 to get the tracking code for the DC50. To do this pair the DC50 to the Astro 430, then go into the collar details and get the tracking code. Final step is to manual pair the DC50 with the Alpha 100 by entering the tracking code.

    How do I connect up two Alpha 100 handhelds?

    Step 1: Click on the up arrow to pull up the menu screen.

    Step 2: Click the yellow “Contacts” icon then click the “Add” icon.

    Step 3: Have both Alpha 100 handhelds next to each other and selection “Yes” on your handheld.

    Step 4: On the second handheld, select the up arrow to pull up the menu screen.

    Step 5: Click on “Contacts” icon and then click “Pair” icon.

    The two Alpha 100 handhelds are now connected and able to track each other.

    How do I add a collar to my Alpha 100 handheld?

    Step 1: Have your Alpha 100 handheld powered on and at the home screen. Have the collar powered off.

    Step 2: On the Alpha 100 handheld, click the “Dog List” icon.

    Step 3: Click “Add Dog”, then click “Yes”.

    Step 4: With the collar, press and hold the power button until the collar does a button beep and goes into pairing mode.

    Step 5: Have the handheld and collar right now to each other, this can take a few seconds to a few minutes to pair up.

    Step 6: The Alpha 100 screen will turn to a screen that allows you to name the collar and select the collar color. Enter the name and select a color, then click the check mark at the bottom of the screen.

    The collar is now paired to the Alpha 100 handheld.


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