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Smart Dog Collar


Available Q1 2023
The first biometric health collar for dogs that’s won 7 international awards.
Discover your dog’s unique heart signature and keep your pup safe, happy, and healthy.



Smart Dog Collar, the award-winning biometric collar with health scan

Smart Dog Collar is revolutionizing the pet care industry by making it possible for pet parents to monitor their dog’s health and wellbeing over the long term, non-invasively. Smart Dog Collar not only tracks your dog’s GPS position, but also monitors your dog’s heart and respiratory rate at sleep, giving you a clear baseline of your dog’s health.

Smart Dog Collar can help you identify an array of different conditions and problems relating to your animal’s health and wellbeing including:
• Spotting early symptoms of heart disease.
• Monitoring treatment effectiveness.
• Identifying a decrease of vitality or a change in behavior.
• And more coming as new features are released.


    •  Heart and breathing scan at sleep
    • • Vitality, appetite and activity monitoring tracking
    • • Real-time GPS tracking
    • • Location history and escape alerts
    • • Lost mode in case they get lost, run away or are stolen
    • • Proximity radar and ringer


  • validate_sygdqxWaterproof (IP67) and adventure-proof
  • pen_gkfy5bDesigned for medium to large breeds

Unbeatable connectivity

Smart Dog Collar utilizes LTE-M connectivity which is the most innovative network for connected devices. It demands less power than traditional 2G, 3G, or 4G connections and combines with powerful algorithms. It allows Smart Dog Collar to have a battery life that runs during weeks before needing a recharge.
Smart Dog Collar needs a subscription plan to work. There will be different payment plans available, starting at $8,25/month, allowing you to choose the subscription that best suits your needs.
Smart Dog Collar works in all countries with LTE-M coverage.

Never lose your dog again

Ever worry about your dog running away? Dogs from all ages and breeds have the ability to run-away. Certain breeds are more prone to leaving than others, but any dog can stray away from the pack… With Smart Dog Collar, you’ll never have to worry again. Keep tabs on your dog from any distance.
Keep an eye out for your dog when you’re away, whether you’re at the office, or leaving them alone with a dog-sitter or kennel while on vacation.


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